Common Misconceptions About Yoga


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I just finished writing up my 10 page research paper about three common misconceptions due to the westernization of yoga.  The three are religion and spirituality, ahimsa (non-violence) and vegetarianism, and the portrayal of the yoga body in the media.  Basically it is about how when yoga became popular in the West, people changed yoga to make it more westernized, but also more marketable and profitable.  These “misconceptions” are derived from the rift between true, traditional yoga and the yoga that is taught in gyms–which is really just the asana and not wholly yoga.  My conclusion was that someone who chooses to practice traditional yoga should follow all eight limbs of yoga which would include the spirituality aspect, ahimsa, and a healthy body image rather than the distorted anorexic thin body image that the media says yogis should have.  On the other hand, if someone wants to practice “modern yoga” or “westernized yoga” then that is acceptable but it should not be called yoga class, it should be called asana. Yoga is not just about the poses…but most Americans who take yoga classes don’t know that!

What do you think?  This is obviously a very very short synopsis and doesn’t even capture the essence of my paper adequately, but it works!



Burger King Goes Cage-Free!



Burger King, the second largest fast food restaurant chain, vows to go cage-free with their chickens and pigs! This is a HUGE step for animal rights movements because it means that other companies like McDonald’s will likely change their policies as well to not be behind.  Here is the article.

Fun Video For Marketing Class


Here is a funny video my group made for our marketing class. It is making fun of the differences between men and women getting ready in the morning…and it’s very true.  Take a look at it! Our grade is based on the number of views. Thank you!

Earth Day Plans



Earth Day is April 22.  Even though us treehuggers live like everyday is Earth Day, we still like to celebrate!  Here are some Earth Day ideas for you to jump start the best day of the year…

-If you have kids, make crafts out of recycled items to show them how to reuse and recycle.

-Eat all vegetarian food for the day.

-Have a picnic outside and enjoy the fresh air.

-Take a hike in the woods if you’re in the country, or take a day trip to a near-by park if you’re in a city.

-Take the day to clean up your community and collect litter and other polluting items.

-Make an Earth Day pledge (like a New Years Resolution) and see if you can stick with it until next April.

-Use your reusable grocery bags when you go shopping.

-Plant a tree…or a few!

-Write into your local paper about why you think it is important for everyone to go green, and celebrate Earth Day.

If you have any other Earth Day ideas, or events you have done in the past, feel free to share! I love hearing from you.   🙂

Happy almost-Earth Day!

Ever Heard of a Green Roof?


A green roof is one that has vegetation of some sort growing on it.  A new idea that has been spreading is the idea to grow food on the rooftops of buildings in cities.  Think about it…all of the space of the rooftops of New York City being turned into a series of gardens to supply food for the city.  This would localize food, diminish the need for huge un-ecological farms, and give people healthier options…right from their rooftop.  What are your ideas on this topic?  Do you love it or hate it?